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John Blaylock is a homegrown Manchester talent and a musical force. Picking up a guitar at 12 years old John fell in love with music and formed a band in his teen years which led to numerous plays by Zane Lowe on Radio 1, plays from Steve Lamacq on Radio 2 as well as being picked for single of the week by Clint Boon for XFM.


This success led to John receiving a commission from Archbishop Desmond Tutu to pen a song celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. John wrote “Inyaniso” – The Truth. Tutu approved this song, travelling to meet the band before delivering the song as a gift to Nelson Mandela on his 90th birthday.


When the band went their separate ways John decided to pack up and go travelling. So with his guitar on his back John has travelled the world from LA to Tokyo, Europe to South America


His forthcoming debut album is full of, on one hand, beautifully crafted heartfelt songs and, on the other hand, Lennon-like raw, gritty lyrics and loops that will take you to the edge to look over for a second, which only artists in the small pool of past greats like Dylan, Cohen, Eminem can do.


He recorded it in North London at Konk studios,the Kinks studio, drafting in Freddie Sheed (Lewis Capaldi’s drummer) to add colour, feel and weight to the bottom end.


The album was produced by duo Guy Massey (double Grammy award winning mix engineer) and Helen Boulding (hit songwriter / producer).


The acoustic guitar is a massive part of John’s sound, with influences like Paul Simon all over his playing. He has a unique and powerful vocal with his distinctively northern tones and songs that tear you open and put you back together again, only the greatest of songwriters can do that and albums like this are one off masterpieces that write the story of our lives and become staples in our existence and memories.


John cites Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, James Taylor, The Birds and The Stone Roses as some of his influences.


Soon to be touring the UK John will be promoting “Temples”, the first single to be released from his brilliant new album. He will be supported by a team including WMA, Hart Media,Catapult National Radio and Absolute Distribution

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"The music emotes the already heart-wringing vocal and the listener is left in no doubt that life is full of challenges which need to be faced head-on” Indie Bands Blog


"Simply listening to his music gives life a whole new eloquence. “So rarely does an artist come along with this amount of depth” Scopemag


"A collection of songs that are so heartfelt and honest they leave you hanging on to every word" The Funky Moped 


"These songs are stripped-back, earnest, and absolutely gorgeous” Wasfuersohr


"Should be revered worldwide and appreciated by everyone"



"Precise musicianship, heartfelt lyrics and a cheeky grin, this is new talent at

its very best.... you'll be hooked” Musicosis


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